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Just like any choice of fashion style and design, not everyone who suffers from short or longsighted-ness like the idea of glasses, finding them clunky, pointless and not compatible with the style and shape of their face. Do you find the necessity of glasses too clunky, heavy and difficult?

Call the team at Eden Quarter Optometrist today and explore our range of prescription contact lenses today: we have a wide range of short term and long term contact lenses on offer, designed to offer you the unique opportunity to liberate your eyes from the necessity of glasses and let you maintain your vision without the need for chunky frames and dirty, greasy lenses. Just have a chat to the team today about how you could benefit from the use of contact lenses!
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Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Multifocal, Coloured… There are many options with contact lenses. If you haven’t worn contact lenses before and would like to try, we can help advise you on what’s best suited for your lifestyle and budget. Our comprehensive contact lens exam includes a full eye exam, contact lens fitting, trial lenses and follow up appointments until you are fully satisfied. Contact us now to discuss or to make an appointment: we’re more than happy to help you discover your preferences for contacts or glasses. If you’re a regular wearer and would like to order,check out our online ordering below or contact us today and make your order.
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